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Children In Need Workshops

The children in need free circus workshops are part of a two year project taking circus to the children and young people from the inner city wards of Cardiff.

This project sees NoFit State taking circus out into the community. Providing two years of free circus workshops in the Cardiff communities of Butetown, Grangetown, Adamsdown and Splott.

Providing a wonderful opportunity for local children and young people who may not be able to attend our regular classes the opportunity to keep active whilst enjoying fun, creative circus activities. Whether that be testing their balance at tightwire, learning how to make human pyramids with new friends, or testing out their diablo and hula hooping skills. They can even try out aerial skills like silks, aerial hoop and trapeze at our sessions in Four Elms.

This is a two year project that began in Spring 2018 and is funded by Children in Need.

“The first session held by No Fit State circus in the Hub was an incredible success. It was amazing to see the children trying so hard to learn the skills being demonstrated. They showed great initiative and team working skills during the session, they also put their own talents to good use helping their classmates to achieve their goals. The children were truly inspired by Katie and the other tutors.” 

Naima Abdi (Hub Manager Cynorthwyol yr Hyb, Cardiff Council) 

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