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Safe Circus

This project aimed to improve the overall level of knowledge and engagement with Health and Safety across the Welsh circus sector, funded by the Arts Council of Wales

Born out of conversations with a wide range of Welsh circus companies and training spaces, this project represents a renewed commitment towards delivering best practise for the Health and Safety of all circus provision in Wales.

When it comes to circus, there is inherent danger. Working from height, relying on our equipment and pushing our bodies to their limits are all part of what makes circus great, but simultaneously can also make it dangerous. By running this project we and the other companies involved have taken yet another step to ensuring that each and every person, be them members of the community or seasoned professionals, can continue to engage with the art form we all know and love with complete confidence.

Starting with an initial phase of discussion and workshops, the partner organisations took part in some facilitated discussions and masterclasses with professional riggers to build a base of knowledge from which all companies could refer. Using this knowledge, we came to draft 'Safe Circus: A Health and Safety Reference Document for the Welsh Circus Sector', an all-knew summary of the key considerations and legislations relating to Circus Health and Safety in the UK.

From covid-security to fire safety, and from electrical equipment to counterweighting, this document is a great place to start for all things circus Health and Safety. 

You can view or download the report for free below

Whilst it must be noted that this document is by no means a replacement for official government legislation and advice, we have sought to link and refer to official documents and websites wherever possible. Please keep in mind that official guidance and rules do change over time , so when using this resource please do seek official advice wherever necessary.

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