The Denial This is Forever

New work by Eric McGill, supported by NoFit State

Part museum, part live action video game, part live performance, The Denial This is Forever explores the limits and ineptitude of connecting through digital media.

Digital photos frames, projection work, and a bread crumb trail of tea lights guide you through a series of digital circus pieces that will leave you anxious to finally take a break from screens and watch a real warm human body move through the air on trapeze.

A hybrid solo performance on the trapeze, The Denial This is Forever invites a small group of audience members to reflect on how their lives have been altered by this new and heavy reliance on digital technology for work, play and connecting with other humans. So much that used to be in-person has been replaced by screens and tech. We’ve been operating on the idea that this is only for now, but what if things stayed this way forever?


20 July - 1 August, Thursday to Sunday

Thursday and Friday, 9pm | Saturday and Sunday, 7pm and 9pm


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